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For most students, beginning their law school career is both exciting and a source of anxiety. However, most students starting their 1L year will quickly be faced with the reality that law school is extraordinarily challenging and competitive.

As you will soon realize, studying law consists of reading lengthy court cases assigned to illustrate how the law is applied and then being called on in class to discuss your analysis of the case. Learning how to properly analyze cases and develop an organizational system is critical for success. ProBriefs provides you with a template to analyze cases the way you will be taught in law school, an effective organizational system, and tools to quickly and easily develop study materials without extra effort.

By integrating ProBriefs into your study routine, you will have the tools you need to gain a competitive advantage and improve your performance in law school.

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Case Briefs

Why You Should Spend Time Briefing Cases.

According to the American Bar Association's website, briefing cases is one of the most important skills you will learn in law school. Students who diligently brief cases consistently make better grades.

Read the Article at the link below.

ABA for Law Students: Why briefing cases is an essential skill (and why case summaries should not be abused)


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Review List

Experienced Professors Say Students Who Brief Cases Make Better Grades.

Andrew McClurg, a professor with over three decades of teaching experience and author of 1L of a Ride, stresses the importance of briefing cases and observed that the best students consistently:

(1) attended every class,

(2) read every case,

(3) briefed every case, and

(4) made their own outlines.


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Case Briefs

What Top Performing Law Students Do Differently?

Western Michigan Professor, Otto Stockmeyer, a 40-year veteran law professor, shared this about the first graduate in the school's history to earn a 4.0 GPA:

"Some years ago, I asked the first Cooley Law School student who graduated with a perfect 4.0 grade-point average what she thought was the basis for her law school success. She replied without hesitation: “I never stopped briefing.”

Long after most students were book-briefing, or were relying on canned briefs, or had given up briefing cases entirely, she briefed every case, in every course, every semester.

Students who want to maximize their success should follow her example, and shun canned briefs."

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